Member Spotlight: Cassandra Barba

November 2, 2021
Written by: David Grandey
Cassandra Barba is the Sales & Marketing Manager for Cape Fear Solar Systems. Her role is to support the sales and marketing efforts needed to grow Cape Fear Solar Systems which helps businesses and individuals gain freedom and control over their energy bills, save thousands, and take advantage of the current federal solar tax credit, all the while doing their part to help the environment. Having served at Cape Fear Solar Systems for over five years, Cassandra also oversees HR, IT, and serves as the company’s CRM Administrator. She loves overcoming challenges and empowering home and business owners with energy independence. Under her sales and marketing guidance, Cape Fear Solar Systems has won the Better Business Bureau Award of Excellence, Top Solar Contractor from Solar Power World (each year), the Coastal Entrepreneur Award from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and most recently the Wilmington Business Journal’s MADE Award for Functional Product. Cassandra is presently involved with the construction of Cape Fear Solar Systems’ new headquarters in Downtown Wilmington which will bring more jobs to the region and expand the company’s ability to positively impact the environment. Good referrals for Cassandra are commercial and residential property owners who want to reduce their electric bills, or desire backup power during grid-outages.

Growing up, Cassandra wanted to be a lawyer (partially inspired by Elle Woods). In college her Criminal Law professor changed Cassandra’s mind when he asked her to defend someone that she knew was guilty of a terrible crime (she did and won). This went against her values and gave Cassandra a new perspective and appreciation for the legal system. Cassandra enjoys writing and art and decided to switch studies to Communications and Graphic Design. Cassandra's first marketing position was at a large financial institution. Dozens of candidates applied, but, as part of the interview, they were all asked to design a checking product, create a poster using Photoshop, and present their product to management. Turns out Cassandra did well and landed the job. After a few years of impactful contributions, Cassandra was promoted into management.

Personally, Cassandra loves boxing, kayaking, hiking, painting, graphic design, writing, analyzing data and home improvement. She enjoys spending time with her husband of 15 years and her 13-year-old son. Cassandra is a registered USA Boxing athlete, official and coach, and is currently training to compete in another boxing tournament. She has served for the past five years as Co-Chair of the Azalea Festival’s Boxing Committee. A former hometown queen, Cassandra has received dozens of awards for artwork and has received a few medals for singing competitions.

Cassandra views fellow CREW members as successful leaders in our communities and is inspired by their willingness to share their wealth of knowledge with their fellow CREW members. Referrals are a huge bonus too as CREW helps connect her with like-minded individuals in similar industries.