Member Spotlight: Paige Coniglio

January 31, 2021
Written by: Heather Evans

Meet Cape Fear CREW member Paige Coniglio!

Paige Coniglio has been the Specialty Leasing Manager and Marketing Director for Mayfaire for 5 years.  She assists with bringing in new and exciting opportunities to Mayfaire and develops relationships with business owners and organizations seeking to lease temporary retail space, host an event or advertise on property.

Paige helps market their products and/or services to consumers, broaden their brand, drive sales, and increase their revenue. Paige loves to get to work with entrepreneurs and it’s especially gratifying to help the new up and coming brands introduce their products to the market and grow their business. Paige recently assisted with a CREW member-member deal to bring an outdoor cycling class to Mayfair.

Paige joins Jo Anna Edwards as this year's Cape Fear CREW Co-Chairs for the Events and Programs Committee. They have been putting together some exciting events for 2021 so stay tuned!